Real life

21. července 2007 v 14:54 | Nata |  TEXTY PIESNI
Real life let's sing about real life
nothing but real life
cau'se that's a real life
Real life let's talk about real life
on and on and on and on real life
cau'se here's a real life
See for some people music is to cry
and maybe others makes it wanna dance
Certain circles clame music is to get them high
while for the rest it's just a subject
to total ignorance
But for the rastaman is music only real life
cau'se in the reggae we find our freedom
every rastaman believe me even knows why
the melody's the slave of the rythme
the melody's the slave of the rythme
Still for some {elements} is music to meditate
and I know many for who doesn't exist at all
Then the block heads will do everything
to make it commercialize
but JAH people know the music
is not to sell and buy

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